The music composed for this video is deliciously laid back and funky to augment the smooth and silky visuals.
Sassy jazzy funky piece to underpin and counterpoint this fun film about the fantastic George/Georgeous.
A classically orientated piece showing off Lindsay’s ability to draw from her classical background to compose complex sequences. The cello and piano sweep emotionally and dramatically around matching this stunning film’s visuals.
INTERFACE I. (Installation)
This soundscape incorporates live recordings and digital sounds to form a pot pourri of resonant sound to augment Riches breathtaking installation.
INTERFACE II. (Installation)
Having recorded Riches playing non-stop piano live for 24 hours at the show, Lindsay mixed the sound into a patchwork of noise and music to produce this 45 minute journey of sound.
FIRE SCULPTURE (live show)
Well-known sculptor Bradford made three giant pieces which were set alight making a spectacular bonfire night show. The soundscape perfectly interacts with the visual display making a fabulous visual and aural extravaganza.
WE CAN DO IT (television)
Mixing vocal performances by the incredible singer Lorraine Harris and Kim’s speech machine, a dance track was built around lyrics written by Kim for this film about his amazing life with dealing with cerebral palsy.
ITU RAVE (sequence)
Lindsay sampled lots of hospital equipment such as MRI ultrasound and ITU kit and used the sounds to supplant traditional drum sounds, e.g. a ventilator sound becomes a high hat. An uplifting dance track to which your feet can’t keep still. A great signature tune for a hospital series!!
PIANO & DRUMS (sequence)
Chaotic sequence illustrating anxiety hope and peace.
CASTAWAY (television)
A beautiful and intelligent film made for C5 starring Martin Popplewell. Stunning guitar and luscious sounds describe life castaway on a desert island.

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