A piece specifically composed to celebrate the life of a friend incorporating his music mixed with a contemporary sound track.

About Time Productions recorded a gentleman with dementia playing piano. Despite his dementia he could still play piano remembering pieces he had learnt as a young man. The recordings were used in a fund raising concert in aid of the Alzheimers’s society in March 2013 at Dulwich College London.

Lindsay delivered a soundscape of familiar sounds to the new Sensory suite at Kings College Hospital London designed for patients with dementia.

These familiar sounds range from local markets to a wildlife walk and have been specifically sourced to trigger memory of common experience. This soundscape has been well received in similar settings across the UK.

Eastend Sounds

Healing Environment at King's

Lindsay was involved with donating a soundscape and film of familiar sounds and places for the innovative Dementia suite at Kings College Hospital London. She worked closely with the Dementia specialists to creating a sound and visual reminder of familiar places for the service users.

Watch a sample here: .

Steel Sculpture
Sculpture Soundscape 2011
A soundscape by Lindsay accompanies this sculpture ‘Amarylla Guerrilla’ by Louise Plant.

See the clip here:


Gay Pride Flag

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